We Will Not

Be Silenced

About Courage for Progress

We are an action committee dedicated to holding those who use hateful and divisive rhetoric accountable, politically and professionally, and are raising funds to target districts in 2018.


are a group of Progressive Americans ashamed by the racist and bigoted actions in Our Country. 

We are all races, religions and ethnicities. We are immigrant Americans and descendants of immigrant Americans, and we will not be silenced in the face of sectarianism, discrimination, and ethno-nationalism. 

Our Board

Adam Ansari, Executive Director

Adam is a second-generation American-Immigrant and is the founder and executive director of Courage for Progress. After witnessing the trending acceptability of hate-speech on the campaign trail, Adam founded the PAC to ensure anti-immigrant agendas do not become common place in our country. Adam is a practicing attorney and since 2016 has been devoting considerable time to advocacy efforts on behalf of immigrant families and communities throughout the U.S. Through his involvement with Courage for Progress, Adam plans to dedicate time, energy, and resources against political nationalists in the upcoming elections.

Jim Bochnowski, Chief Strategist

Jim is a former Congressional staffer and digital communications professional, who briefly gave up on politics. During the 2016 election cycle, however, Jim became motivated to act after listening to the disturbing tone of populist politics in our country and decided to do something about it. He joined Courage for Progress to help hold our elected officials accountable for their actions and inactions, and to help make America, truly, great again. 

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The Courage To

Stand Up to Hate